Helping entrepreneurs build remarkable organizations

We are growth equity investors helping entrepreneurs build remarkable organizations. During our more than 40 years in business, we’ve raised in excess of $1 billion in a series of funds. This capital has been invested in many companies at every stage of the investment cycle, and we have helped seven of our portfolio companies achieve valuations for over a billion dollars.

TF Investors is the first, and currently only, professionally managed pool of capital providing organizations implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) access to growth equity. The Fund invests exclusively in companies that are professionally implementing EOS and are cash flow positive, across geographies and industries.

EOS is a proven process with simple tools, designed to accomplish three goals.


Ensures an organization knows where it is going and more importantly, how it is going to get there.


Brings a new level of discipline and accountability to an organization so that it can accomplish 100% of its vision.

Organizational Health

Helps a leadership team and an entire organization become one cohesive, functional team.

Let’s connect if you are interested in raising growth equity and are not currently implementing EOS.

Our Investment Philosophy

We are growth equity investors, which we define as an investing approach centered on the discipline of risk evaluation and mitigation. This means we seek high return with mitigated risks, which is a more desirable and also highly achievable investment outcome. Every business enterprise faces Seven Deadly Risks, all of which can be meaningfully mitigated. Opportunities of interest to the Fund, are either successfully mitigating or have successfully mitigated these risks.

The Seven Deadly Risks


Product or Service


Business Model




TF Investors invests in companies which:

Participate in large and growing markets.

Have proven in-market success with repeat customers.

Have entrepreneurs and leadership teams with proven success.

Have a proven business model.

Have successfully mitigated exposure to regulatory issues that might jeopardize the business model.

Our investment fully funds the business or enables future investment to fully fund the business.

Are professionally implementing EOS.

Our Investment Process